Yoga with Emily

  • Yoga with Emily

    1 season

  • SB1: Rooted Beginner Sequence

  • SB2: Invigorating Flow

    Don’t Give Up! When the going gets tough, yoga. During these times that is when your practice can become life-changing and transformative. Use this flow to give you a calm invigoration and energy, that will allow you to tackle anything that comes your way. 

    Grab your mat and start in Child's P...

  • SB2: Flow & Strengthen

    Our SB2 flows strengthen both mind and body as you move through more challenging postures. In the SB2 videos, you will get to practice balancing poses that will help you connect with your breath as you build endurance. Get ready to take your yoga practice up a level.

    What you need: Yoga mat, w...